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valentines day love letter sewing project how to



a square of felt or felted wool 16x16cm (mine is from a felted sweater)

a square of patterned fabric 18x18cm

a square of bondaweb 18x18cm

extra bit of fabric for making a stamp and decoration

a button

embroidery thread

piece of card, 10x7cm

steam iron

sewing machine (optional, all sewing can be done via hand)


plus the usual needle, pins, scissors etc




1. Print out the envelope template so that it is 11cm across where marked, cut out and pin to the felt and trim to match. Sew a running stitch along the marked 'fold' lines. This will be removed later as it is just a guide for the lettering position.

2. Place a small stamp shaped piece of fabric in the top right hand corner of the envelope front and stitch. You can do free machine embroidery on pretty much any sewing machine, all you need to do is drop the feed-dog and use a darning foot, it's just like drawing with thread. Alternatively, it can also be stitched by hand. I also added an embroidered postmark. Next, embroider a name and address. Once the address is complete, you can pull out the running stitch marker.

3. The next stage is to add the bondaweb, place your envelope on top of the sticky side of the bondaweb, turn both over, so the paper side is facing up and press with the steam iron. Trim away the excess bondaweb and then peel off the backing paper. Turn the envelope over again, face down, place the fabric right side up on top, and again, press with the steam iron to fix the two together. Trim away the excess fabric, fold the envelope as indicated on the template, and once again, press with the steam iron.

4. To assemble the envelope, stitch a running stitch around all of the edges making sure to stitch through both layers where it overlaps, adding the button and snap fastener as you go. Now you are ready to make something to go inside. Give the piece of card a torn edge, stuck on a fabric heart and it's ready to add a written message.

templates & additional images...

click the download button below for the template pdf

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