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christmas pudding handmade tree decoration



a circle of brown fabric, patterned or plain, 15cm in diameter

white felt 12cm x 12cm

green felt 8cm x 8cm

2 or 3 red buttons

white embroidery thread (I used pearl cotton 8)

brown embroidery thread 

brown sewing thread

toy stuffing


plus the usual needle, pins, scissors etc




1. Hand sew a running stitch, using the brown sewing thread, 0.5cm (1/4") in from the edge, all the way round the brown circle of fabric. Gently pull the thread to begin gathering and stuff the inside with the toy stuffing. Once you are happy with the shape of the pudding, pull the thread tight to continue gathering, and secure closed with a few stitches. 


2. Cut the icing shape from the white felt, either pin or hold in place, over the top of the pudding, hiding the gathering, and sew in place using running stitch around the edge using the white embroidery thread.


3. Cut out three holly leaves from the green felt and attach in place to the top of the pudding by adding some leaf veins in straight stitches using the white embroidery thread. Add holly berries by sewing the red buttons in the centre of the leaves. Finish off by adding a long loop of brown embroidery thread to the top of the pudding so it can hang from your Christmas tree.

t e m p l a t e s   etc...

click on the download button below for the template pdf

christmas pudding sewing project templates
christmas pudding tree decorations handmade
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