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bridesmaid alice band



an alice band


triangle of fabric measuring 14cm (ish!) across the bottom and 30cm in length to the point

fabric glue

small length of lace or marabou feather trim.


plus the usual needle, pins, scissors etc




1. First, spread some glue on the alice band, and beginning at one end, wrap the ribbon round and round to cover the plastic. Keep going until the whole band is covered with ribbon. Leave to dry.

2. Next, fold the fabric triangle in half, lengthways, and beginning at the smallest, tapered end, roll the fabric up. Continue rolling, and as the flower gets bigger, you may need to make some tucks in the fabric to turn corners.  Just make sure the folded edge creates the outside edge of the flower petals and the unfinished edge is held, centrally underneath so it is hidden. Once all the fabric is used, tuck under the last unfinished edge and anchor the whole lot in place with a few stitches in some matching coloured thread. So, there we now have a finished flower!

3. Decide whereabouts onto the headband you want the flower to go, and glue in place. Use pins to keep it secure until the glue has dried. Between the band and the flower, also glue in place a small length of lace or marabou feather trim. This will hide any untidiness and also add a little more glamour to the design (although, if while doing this, the glue gives way and the flower pops off like mine did, you can add a few stitches to secure everything to the ribbon if need be)

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